Traveling Light Theatre

A List of Travelling Light Theatre Plays

Starting from 1984, Travelling Light Theatre Company started their first play ‘Down at the Dump’ with founders Kim Reuter and Jinny Paige. Since then, the theatre company has had 12 more plays that won the hearts of all who saw them. The theatre aspires to inspire youngsters into joining the art of acting. Theatre is a dying art, and there is a need to attract more youngsters into the business. This is also a good place to nurture the acting talents of children who have a knack for acting.

Shadow Play

Notable Works

  • Streetwise – their ninth production debuted 5 years later in 1989. Running from 1989 – 1991, it was performed at an international festival, followed by a tour of 5 Polish cities. The play has a plot of Mr and Mrs. Thin White who both lives to shop, that even their daughter was born outside Laura Ashley! Consequently named Laura, the play shows how she works towards changing this aspect of their lives.
  • TIR NA N’OG (later renamed ‘Into The West’) started its first show in 1995 and completed 8 tours in 20 years. Just fresh after its 20th anniversary play in 2016, this play won the ‘Best Children’s Production’ award at the Dublin International Festival – their first recognition. It tells us of Finn and Ally, two Irish children who escape from a high tower in Dublin, fleeing across Ireland on their magical horse with a bounty on their heads. Through travelling, they rediscover lost feelings of family in their life as travellers.
  • Clown: From 2004-2007, the theatre tied up with Bristol Old Vic for their 26th original play. Inspired by s wordless picture book, Clown became the theatre’s first ever text-free production which follows a stuffed clown who was discarded in the trash along with other toys who courageously goes on a journey to look for a new home for both himself and his friends. Clown was a hit and won the Critics’ Award for Best Actors at the Bucharest International Children’s Festival.
  • Shadow Play – Played in 2008, Shadow Play was conceived out of how children play and interact with light and shadows around them. A play with no words, Shadow Play was made up of 4 performers in interesting and innovative ways to change the space around them. Shadows dance across the white canvas as performers move, enrapturing its audience to look – not at just the performers themselves but at the art they are making with their bodies.


The Theatre is into their 31st year and still going strong, Travelling Light Theatre Company has a myriad of interesting plays that are conceived and acted out every year. Their latest ‘Boeing!’ will be playing later this year in London! So, if you are in London at the time, then take your family with you and enjoy this fabulous play together. You will be delighted and surprised by the quality of the production and the level of the acting put up by the performers.