Acting for all at Travelling Light Theatre

Acting for all at Travelling Light Theatre

Travelling Light Theatre started with humble beginnings in 1984 with a two person team. Across the years, excellent reviews and outstanding plays have helped the company grow massively in 2003, the company founded not 1 but 2 youth theatre groups which children and teens alike were able to come, learn and participate in plays.

Acting courses for students

Louder than Words

A theatre group catering specifically to children with additional needs; Louder than Words is a safe haven for children to express themselves freely without any judgment. The children who are actively attending this theatre group have either been bullied in school for being different, need a quiet place for some time alone away from family or friends.

Teachers here are equipped with the skills to communicate to these children, as well as to teach them all about theatre. The children at the theatre group recently put up their first production ’Out of the Woods’, a play performed to parents, friends and teachers which the children have enjoyed tremendously. Each child also walked away with a prize, as well as plenty of love and encouragement.

Parents who send their children here have heaped lots of praise to the theatre group due to the transformation they have seen in their child.  Not only do their children grow in confidence by being accepted as who they are, parents also see a great love for the theatre sessions, an enthusiasm to go for lessons and an improvement in communication.

Travelling Light Youth Theatre

Travelling Light Youth Theatre

A gathering space for kids and youths aged 4-19, the children are banded in 4 different age groups and taught the different aspects of theatre alongside each other. With a fee of 35 pounds per term, the Travelling Light Youth group strives to be a place that provides access to theatre to everyone without any limits.

An annual fund raiser helps both crew and students alike to produce play every year to tap on the potential in each and every child. It also funds further exposure such as the free summer drama school which was organized this year for the youths in the youth theatre. These youths also enjoy one pair of theatre tickets for free, along with transportation if needed! This way, youths are not only taught the different aspects of play acting, they are also exposed to professional play acts that they can learn from and see what they learn come to life.

Training Sessions

Apart from these two youth theatre groups, Travelling Light also organizes stand-alone courses such as a free Clowning workshop happening a few Saturdays in the year. In these workshops, children are taught how to clown by a professional clown and given props to then try their hand at making their peers laugh.

Next you see a theatre play running, why not get tickets and enjoy the experience? Or better yet, get your kids involved and enjoy the day with the family watching your little ones put up a performance that they enjoy!